Rewrites and Edits

Not everyone gets it right on the first try. Sometimes, we go back and reread our works from years ago with fresh eyes and find mistakes that we missed during rounds of editing. Even traditional publishers can miss small mistakes like misspelled words or missing articles. It happens to the best of us.

I’m currently rereading a story I wrote when I was 16 and, oh boy, do I have a long road ahead of me. In fact, I’m not sure what possessed me ages ago to slap it up on CreateSpace before it switched over to KDP for Amazon. However, this experience will only make my writing and editing stronger.

The book I’m talking about is called Kingdom of Angels, which is currently unavailable until I’ve polished it to my standards. It’s undergone a new cover design, interior formatting, and of course, editing and revisions. The story will remain true to the original, but the edits are deep with this one.

I’m not afraid to say that if you’re an indie author and you do your own editing, it’s good advice to go back to some of your older stories and update them. Sometimes you simply need a fresh look at it because after reading your manuscript a bazillion times, it starts sounding the same.

Many of us are even seeking out professional editing help through services like Reedsy and Fiverr. Those are all good options if you need another set of eyes to scour your work. I’d definitely recommending at least having someone do a thorough proofread. It’ll professionally elevate your writing a step further.

As for my first stab at dark fantasy, while I was reading my old work, I didn’t realize how well it tied into another universe I’ve been working on for the past year and a half. Discovering this subconscious connection between Kingdom of Angels and my upcoming novel, Brimstone was actually pretty exciting. I only hope that once these novels are available that my readers will find the connection.

Happy writing, everyone!

Published by Lauren Eason

Author of Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Podcaster. Book Reviewer. Catmom.

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