Bring Inner Greatness Out

I had the wonderful opportunity of acquiring a complimentary audiobook from Dr. Mansur Hasib for his book, Bring Inner Greatness Out. I listened to his story about personal branding on my way to and from work and his words were inspirational.

The book starts off with identifying personal branding, building relationships, and learning to express yourself confidently. It teaches valuable lessons that I think everyone should have the chance to learn. These lessons can be carried indefinitely throughout life as you interact with others personally and professionally.

Bring Inner Greatness Out by Dr. Mansur Hasib

I particularly found it useful in regards to indie authors who are currently emerging on the scene. As an indie author, it’s important to build your personal brand and connections within the writing community. Some of the best places to do this is through your social media presence. Building your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and website can lead to relationships with those who share your same experience, and with avid readers who may be interested in hearing your story.

While listening to Dr. Mansur Hasib’s book, I took notes on some of the examples he listed about how to improve your brand such as attending conferences, reaching out to libraries and bookstores for readings or book signings, and asking followers to review reader copies which may spur better online search results and increase website traffic.

Another great piece of advice is to be consistent and post frequently. Posting frequently doesn’t mean to release multiple posts in a day, but at least one post each day or every other day to continue follower growth and post engagement.

The stories that the author told about his own experiences were interesting and helped to explain why some of the aforementioned examples were valuable for development. After listening to this book, I noticed myself feeling more motivated at work and therefore, I was more productive.

Overall, I enjoyed the message behind the book and it’s lessons I’ll be carrying with me for a long time. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback, ebook, and as an audiobook.

Happy reading!

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