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Witch Trials: Secrets of Loudun

Accused of murdering a prominent French Lord, Sarah and Anne flee their home to escape being persecuted for witchcraft. Sarah is captured by the royal guards and escorted to Loudun Prison, the heart of the witch trials. There she awaits her execution, meeting others with the same dismal fate while catching the eye of one of her captors.

While Anne, having gotten away, is busy building an army to aid her in saving Sarah and the prisoners in Loudun, the Bishop and his disciples are hard at work punishing those in the way of his political advances. With new alliances being formed and the Catholic Church being threatened, will these girls be the downfall of an empire built upon fear, or will they suffer the same fate as their Pagan ancestors?

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Every Waking Dream

Having to adjust to a new town, school, and friends were not what Aislin Smith had expected after spending the summer locked inside a rehabilitation center. After getting busted for taking drugs to stay awake, her psychiatrist learns the real reason behind Aislin’s fear of sleeping—she experiences a phenomenon known as dream telepathy.

Afraid to expose her secret to anyone else, she tries to live an everyday life after being prescribed a sleeping aid with the convenient side effect of having dreamless nights of sleep. But once her chance at peace is taken away, Aislin finds herself in the odd dream of a mysterious girl. She thinks nothing of it until she sees the girl’s face again plastered on the front page news as a missing person in a string of unsolved cases. Struggling to keep her reality together, Aislin decides to take matters into her own hands and find the missing children. If there’s one thing she’s sure of, it’s that the dead don’t dream.

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Kasdeya Angelov can’t escape the prophecy surrounding her unique pedigree, being the child and true heir to Lucifer’s realm. Held in isolation behind the walls of Brimstone Preparatory School, Kas discovers a sinister plot behind her coming of age ceremony where she is to gain full access to her abilities. Struggling to accept the darkness within her, she’s plagued by dangerous psychic attacks, monstrous demons, and ancient secrets that threaten to resurface.

Before she can reach her ceremony, she must endure Brimstone’s trials that prove to be just as deadly. In a race against time, Kas forms alliances with fellow students to aid in the battle to forge a new destiny for herself, one that doesn’t include the influence of her esteemed father. With the balance between the realms at stake, Kas must make the ultimate sacrifice to protect those she’s grown to love, an emotion she never thought she was capable of feeling.

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The Wild Ones have been roaming the lands of the valley for years, feasting on everything and everyone they encounter. While allies maintain the borders to ensure the creatures don’t spread, it’s up to the Moon River Pack to end this war. Luca, the newly appointed Alpha, sees no other option than to marry Luna Dahlia, his brother’s widow. It’s the only way to maintain the continued alliance of their packs against the demons they face. However, the Luna from the Shadow Mountain Pack has plans of her own.

Dahlia wishes to be free to marry whom she chooses since being pressured into her first marriage. The mate bond has not been seen or heard in years, but she refuses to condemn another brother to the same loveless fate. While trying to maintain their packs’ alliance, Dahlia finds herself swept up into the valley underground of lone wolves who have found solace outside of the rigid traditions of their respective packs. Not only do these rogue wolves pose a delicious temptation, but they might also hold the key on how to destroy the Wild Ones once and for all.

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