Mr. Black: A Black Stone Series

Who doesn’t like a steamy romance with a little crime? Mr. Black by author Nancy Brown is a great start to this book series. Just take a look at the review I left for it on Amazon!

Great Plot, Easy Read, A Little Too Fast

Rating: 4 out of 5.

*Spoilers Ahead*

So, I want to preface this review by saying I think the plot was very cool in this book – romance, terrorist organizations, and abduction. Yes, please. However, with that being said, the author gave away a lot of it which didn’t leave the reader much room to “solve the mystery.” I know this isn’t a mystery book, but I would’ve enjoyed it just that much more.

Mr. Black by Nancy Brown

The main character, Jordon, is a spunky girl, but I didn’t get a lot of time to know her outside of her love interest, Darian Black. I was waiting throughout the entire book for her to really hang out with her friend Cara or go to one of those Friday cocktail nights at the art gallery she worked for since she mentioned how amazing they were. I was even waiting to see if she had any other interests besides running, her work, and Mr. Black. But alas, that’s kind of all she did and not much else. I think more detail about her personality would’ve helped me connect to her more and feel a little more for her as a character.

As for Mr. Black, we get a sneak peek into his past about how he ended up in the job he had. But it’s the same for him. Once he found Jordan again, all thoughts were on her and nothing else, and that was pretty much from the start of his story.

The story was very fast paced, which can be nice, but I feel like the author set us up for some parts and then didn’t deliver. Like the trip to Napa for a meeting Jordan had with her boss, Lily. I was excited to see what that was all about but then it was completely skipped over. It was almost like writing scenes that didn’t include Darian and Jordan together weren’t a part of the overall plan for the story. Everything just felt a little rushed, even the sex.

Overall, I thought the book was fun and that Jordan and Darian were cute together. I would’ve liked to see more development with their relationship before hopping on the engagement train, but I get it.

As for the author’s writing style, there was a lot of repetition. Especially in regards to what clothes were being worn, some dialogue, and even some scenes. Because the chapters were flipping between Jordan and Darian, they would kind of repeat what they were seeing. Like Jordan would describe her dress for the gala and then Darian would describe it again. Or Jordan would be thinking about what’s she’s going to say, and then she’d say it. Situations like that felt a little unnecessary in my opinion.

But overall, it was a cute story, and I’m interested to see what happens in the next book about the friend Alex.

Now, this book has undergone a major facelift since I left this review and I’m totally HERE FOR IT. So, while my previous review was geared towards giving the author a little feedback on their work, I think if I were to review it again, I’d be blown away.

Nancy Brown recently came out with the second book in this series called Mr. Stone. If you’re looking for a fast-paced steamy romance series to try out, I’d suggest this one.

Happy writing!

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