Lauren’s Indie Book Club

I was trying to think of a way to support fellow indie authors so I wracked my brain for an idea. What I came up with was a way to not only engage with my readers, but also promote works from other authors who may not get as much love as they deserve. So, without further adieu, I present Lauren’s Indie Book Club!

Coming soon to my website, I’ll be posting a book written by a fellow indie author once a week every Monday. The book will be highlighted through my blog and (if the author agrees to it) have a little Q&A that I can post along with details of the book, where it can be found, and some of my own thoughts about it.

I sent out a tweet on my Twitter page about a week ago for suggestions from some fellow indie authors about their books so I can feature them and boy, did I get a lot of responses! I have so many incredible books to read and it makes for quite the amount of content from myself and my readers. It’s also a way I can give back to the community since I’ll be purchasing my own copies and leaving reviews for them.

This new portion of my blog is expected to kick off in August, so be on the lookout for it soon! If you’d like me to consider your book, you can contact me on my contact page with your author name, book title, synopsis, and a link where to find it.

As always, happy writing!

Published by Lauren Eason

Author of Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Podcaster. Book Reviewer. Catmom.

3 thoughts on “Lauren’s Indie Book Club

  1. Thank you for supporting us fellow indie authors this way! I started reviewing indie books in August last year, and Iā€™ve discovered many entertaining stories. Iā€™m looking forward to reading your reviews šŸ™‚

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