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I’m far from a professional when it comes to cinematography, but I’ve dabbled with the idea of creating book trailers for my stories. Why? Because not only is it cool to see some scenes or characters come to life, but it’s also highly enjoyable for your audience.

Who doesn’t want to see their book get turned into a movie one day? Book trailers are a great way to not only promote and market your book, but it helps potential readers understand what your story is about without even having to read a summary. It’s a little teaser for everyone!

Book Trailer for Every Waking Dream – Available September 1st, 2021

I recently dropped my first official book trailer for my upcoming novel Every Waking Dream and it’s created quite a buzz. It’s stirred a new YouTube channel for myself, comments, likes, and even link clicks from Facebook and Twitter. If I had known how potent it was going to be in aiding my marketing strategy, I would’ve gotten to work years ago when my debut novel hit the shelves in 2016.

Back then, creating something as seemingly complex as a book trailer was out of the question. The internet has come a long way in a few short years and has made it easier (and more affordable) to get your hands on marketing tools that seemed out of reach.

There are many tools available but the one that I use is Canva Pro. There is a free version of Canva that can be used but I pay the $12.99/mo so I can use their premium images, fonts, transitions, videos, and music. And it is definitely worth it!

I use Canva for a few different things like instagram posts, marketing, my blog, and more. There are so many possibilities. It’s also very simple to use with a drag and drop method. I would say if you’re looking for an affordable solution to upping your marketing strategy then Canva Pro is perfect.

Witch Trials: Secrets of Loudun – Available Now!

Here’s a sneak peak at the upcoming trailer for my debut relaunch, Witch Trials: Secrets of Loudun.

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