The Paladin’s Sin

After a short hiatus for the holidays, I’m back with a new book review! This one goes to author Jessica Kemery and her book titled, The Paladin’s Sin. This is the first book in The Paladin’s Sin Series and a lot of wholesome epic fantasy along the way.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Let me start off this review by first saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the story as a whole. I loved the simplistic writing style of the author because it was straight to the point with the plot instead of being bogged down with flowery prose or overly descriptive. This is more an epic fantasy that’s my speed (sorry, Tolkien).

The Paladin’s Sin by Jessica Kemery

The story flowed smoothly and had a linear plotline, making it easier to follow. However, with that being said, it wasn’t exactly surprising when tension occurred because you could see it right around the corner. For some, like myself, that was nice but for others who want to gasp at major plot twists, you may want to take a backseat.

The story follows the disgraced Paladin, Rordan, and the princess, Viola. The two fall in love and have a daughter out of wedlock which is against the vows of the Paladins. The two are banished from their kingdom and head on a journey to find their place in the world.

When I bought this book, I was thinking it was going to be more on the romantic side, but it appears most of Rordan’s and Viola’s romance occurred before the story began. This is more of an epic fantasy dealing with their hardships and struggles together and within the different kingdoms. It’s a tale of two people having to find themselves and figure out how to survive together for the sake of their child, Lise.

I loved the fact that the author had a map of the kingdoms in the story that was easy to read and follow and I didn’t even have to squint. The characters weren’t exactly complex, but they did drive the plot forward. Overall, it was a nice read and it did exactly what I wanted it to do – let me escape into a fantastical world of magic, battles, and triumph. It’s one of those stories that reminds me of old fairy tales, nostalgic in a sense. And I think that’s pretty cool.

So, there you have it. I nice, strong story in the epic fantasy genre. If you decide you’d like to read this story, don’t forget to leave the author a review of their work! Happy reading!

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