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While perusing Twitter, I happened upon Bookroar, a website dedicated to indie authors and helping them get their books reviewed. But unlike other websites that try to ensnare you to purchase generic reviews from unknown readers, this site seems to help everyone. After they reached out to me, I decided to give them a shot and here’s how it turned out.

From what I gathered from reviewing the website, it seems pretty simple. You sign up for your free account, add your books, and the site automatically gives you your first credit. These credits can then be added to your book which places your work in the book pool. From this pool, other authors can pick your book to review. You earn credits whenever you review a book. 1 credit = 1 review.

Once someone chooses your book to review, they have three weeks to submit their review on Amazon and Goodreads. At this point, Bookroar allows you 48 hours to moderate your review for approval. That doesn’t mean you can reject “bad” reviews — just those that don’t follow the criteria of constructive feedback. After 48 hours, the author is credited for the review so they can get more reviews for their stories. If you don’t moderate your review, then the other author is automatically credited. Bookroar also moderates the review to make sure no one’s cheated out their credit.

I think the best part about this is that I’m not throwing money against a wall to see what sticks. Any money I put into it is simply to purchase books from other indie authors. So, not only am I getting my book reviewed and purchased, but I’m also supporting other indie authors. And I think that’s pretty rad.

As far as my experimentation goes, I’ve already submitted my first review and started reading my second book. My book, Every Waking Dream, is currently pending review from another author. It was easy to do and didn’t take very long. And some of the books from the pool are really interesting.

Overall, I think the site is pretty cool and a unique way to help indie authors. Just another day of trying a marketing strategy and reporting to all of you my findings. So, if it piques your interest, check it out for yourself.

Happy writing!

Published by Lauren Eason

Author of Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Podcaster. Book Reviewer. Catmom.

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews at Bookroar

    1. No problem! I hadn’t heard of them either, but I’m enjoying the site so far. Especially since the only money I spend is towards purchasing ebooks of other indie authors which is a great supportive way to get honest reviews. Us, authors, have to stick together!

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