A Journal Series for Witches

It’s no secret that I’m attracted to the dark and macabre. Many of my stories reflect that – just look at the genre I love to write in! A lesser known fact would be that I’ve been a practicing witch for over half my life, following a Celtic path. I would say it’s “traditional,” but I was heavily influenced by Wicca and have created a sort of mixture that’s suited me well in life.

When I led my own Coven, I had created several intense teachings and one of things we loved to do was head down to Pagan Pride together to sell and trade our witchy creations with one another. Some of the items we would make were bath salts, candles, soaps, oils, spell items, poppets, and more! But one item I was working on and never finished was a witchcraft herbology booklet.

In fact, I was working on several different booklets. Mainly, they were for teaching my Coven about different aspects of witchcraft. However, I thought it was time to finally do something with these booklets for the new and seasoned witches out there. So, I recently released my first witchcraft journal in a brand new series of journals. Here’s the Amazon description below:

Cover by GetCovers

A journal for the new or seasoned witch! A Witch’s Herbology Journal is the perfect gift to yourself or to a loved one who has a unique green thumb. This journal contains 60+ herbs with their magickal and medicinal associations along with a spell tip for those wanting a little inspiration for their craft. Over 130 pages are lined for your writing pleasure with 15 blank recipe pages for teas, oils, and tinctures. Each section contains an elegant title page for organization of notes with a few reference pages at the end.

Amazon Product Page

This is the first journal in a 4 part series. The next three journals will include crystals, astrology, and divination. Currently, the journal is in paperback, but I hope to release it in hardcover in the future. The timeline for each journal is as follows:

  • A Witch’s Crystal Journal – Spring 2022
  • A Witch’s Astrology Journal – Fall 2022
  • A Witch’s Divination Journal – Spring 2023

These journals are designed to last for a lifetime and can be used as a book of shadows (lovingly known as BOS to those in the witchcraft community) or as supplements to one. They are also extremely easy to organize with pages that separate each section of the journal. Here’s a peek at some of the pages from inside:

Whatever your fancy in the witching world, I’m sure there will be more journals added to this series along the way since it’s something near and dear to my heart. If you’re interested in witchcraft topics, drop a comment below with what you’d like to see in a journal. As always, happy writing!

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